Essential Downloads:

The Profit Prism webinar

In this FREE training, you’ll learn how this system has helped me build my small accounts into huge windfalls!

Starter Pack E-book

This exclusive ebook – available nowhere else – breaks down every step of the strategy in clear, simple terms, including how to find the right broker, how to execute each kind of trade, and Jeff’s secret to his small account growth (skip to page 37 for that one!).

The Profit Prism Quick-Start Checklist

The checklist I wish I had when I started learning how to trade.

Small Account Quick-Start Videos

Watch Jeff break down each of the five steps on your checklist in detail.

Lesson 1:  Choosing Your Brokerage Account

Lesson 2:  Charting Services

Lesson 3: Scanning Websites

Lesson 4: Favorite Stock Charts

Lesson 5: How To Execute A Trade Plan